Examine yourself before it's too late

Every year, hundreds of thousands people die as a result of HIV infection.
Protect yourself and others.

Results in 15 minutes

You can get the answer to the most burning question even in 15 minutes.

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We send the test in an anonymous, unmarked package so you can order the test without stress.

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Recommended by many patients who have examined themselves using this test.

  • How does it work?

    The at-home HIV test kit allows you to check if you are a carrier of this dangerous virus in 15 minutes. What's important, it doesn't require you to send samples to the laboratory. It detects antibodies in a blood drop that is collected in a similar way as in a glucose meter test.

  • Why perform the test?

    Above all, to increase your awareness, and if you are infected, to start the treatment as soon as possible. Thanks to regular medication, infected people can live as long as others. They can also lead similar lifestyle, have children, work, etc. People who know that they are infected have a chance to care about own and others' health, and protect themselves from developing full-blown AIDS.

Don't remain uncertain. ORDER THE TEST TODAY
  • Take the test plate out of the aluminium bag.
  • Extract the blood sample from your finger.
  • Place one drop of the blood in the round test well.
  • Wait few seconds.
  • Apply one drop of the buffer solution to the same test well.
  • After 10-15 minutes read the result.
Don't remain uncertain. ORDER THE TEST TODAY
Anybody can be affected by HIV

Unfortunately, the statistics are relentless. Anybody can be a HIV carrier, regardless of sex, skin colour or sexual preferences. You can get infected in many ways. The scale of infections is large. To make matters worse, the virus can remain hidden for a long time, causing subsequent infections in a completely unaware person. It is better to check it beforehand. Below we specified some frequent events before, or after which it is worth to perform the test:

A new partner

You never know for sure what the past of your Partner was. Especially, if they have already experienced sexual initiation.

Casual sex

Sex at a party or with a newly met person. We don't judge, but it's better to check if we are safe.

Contact with blood

You have had a contact with other person's blood during an accident or in another situation? It's better to check to be 100% sure.


Are you trying for a baby? It's better to check if you are not going to pass a dangerous virus on your child.

people living with HIV
AIDS-related deaths
‰ adult HIV prevalence
% adults on ARV treatment
Don't remain uncertain. ORDER THE TEST TODAY

Examine yourself before it's too late

Actually, any of us can be affected by HIV...

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