Be aware! Do the test and know your serological status.


HIV is still spreading in Poland! As statistics show, during the last two years, the number of infected people has doubled.

Every day, 2-3 people on average learn that they are HIV carriers.

Polish experts estimate that only one person out of four knows about the fact that they are infected.

Some of us don't want to be examined in medical centres, even though the healthcare encourages them to do so. They are afraid. They are ashamed. Thus, charity organizations welcomed the presence of home tests and they hope that it will encourage more people to control their health on a regular basis.

The test kit allows you to check if you are a carrier of a dangerous virus in 15 minutes. What's important, it doesn't require you to send the samples to laboratory. It detects antibodies in a blood drop that is collected in a similar way as in a glucose meter test.

The level of antibodies - proteins created in response to the presence of HIV, is detected in human blood. Literally a drop of blood, taken with a sterile sampling device, is enough to carry out an analysis.

CAUTION! The test cannot be used to detect the virus immediately after a possible infection. Even if the result is negative, it does not mean that the user is 100% free from the virus. Antibodies are possible to detect 3 months after infection at the earliest, so it is better to wait and perform the test after a few months.

Don't remain uncertain. ORDER THE TEST TODAY

The package includes:

  • a non-woven fabric pad for skin disinfection before an injection (Alcohol Prep Pad)
  • a disposable lancet
  • one test kit: a test plate + a pipette (One Step Test Device)
  • buffering solution (HIV Buffer)
  • leaflet
Don't remain uncertain. ORDER THE TEST TODAY
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Why should you do the HIV test?

Above all, to raise your awareness, and if you are infected, to start treatment as soon as possible. Thanks to regular medication, infected people can live as long as others. They can also lead similar lifestyle, have children, work, etc. People who know that they are infected, have a chance to care about their own and others' health, and protect themselves from developing full-blown AIDS. If future parents know about the infection, they can protect their child from it. Early diagnosis of HIV allows immediate undertaking treatment and preventing serious complication.

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Be responsible - for yourself and for others...

Protect yourself and others from HIV. Remember - staying unaware of infection means putting at risk not only yourself, but also the life and health of your close ones. Don't wait, take an action - be responsible.

Examine yourself before it's too late

Actually, any of us can be affected by HIV...

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