Unfortunately, you are infected with HIV. One of the first steps you should take is to inform those to whom the virus may have been transmitted, and those who may have passed the virus on you. Remember that you are legally bound to notify your sexual partner about this fact. These are, however, not your only responsibilities. You also have to care about your close ones or other potentially infected people. The test should be performed by:

  • Your current sexual Partner
  • Your children - you may have become infected before they were born
  • Your parents - they may have been carriers of the virus
  • Your previous sexual partners
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An anonymous notification about the infection

The information that you are infected is already a very difficult pill to swallow. But it is also important to think about others. Don't let the virus spread

For various reasons, telling your previous sexual partners or other people about the infection can be difficult. Mostly because of shame, the fear of fingers pointed on you, the fear of being judged, or the fear of having a bad opinion in the community.

Order anonymous HIV tests.

quickhivtest.com gives you an opportunity to order a test for potentially infected, without giving any data of the person ordering the test, so you avoid unnecessary stress, and, on the other hand, you help limit the spreading of the virus in a responsible way.

What does an anonymous test contain?

  • A package with the HIV test
  • An anonymous letter informing about the risk of infection

How to order an anonymous test?

All you have to do is to mark the option "Anonymous test" on the ordering subpage and give the data of the Addressee. The data of the ordering person will not be disclosed on the package.

Be responsible - for yourself and for others...

Protect yourself and others from HIV. Remember - staying unaware of infection means putting at risk not only yourself, but also the life and health of your close ones. Don't wait, take an action - be responsible.

Examine yourself before it's too late

Actually, any of us can be affected by HIV...

They've already done this...