What does a negative HIV test result mean?

A negative result means that no antibodies against HIV or antigens of this virus were found in the examined blood. If, during a period of three months preceding the test, the examined person did not experience a situation that may potentially have led to HIV infection, this means that this person is not infected with HIV. If, however, 12 weeks have not elapsed since the latest situation that may have led to infection, then the result is not certain and the test should be performed again, after three months.

What does a positive HIV test result mean?

A positive result of a screening test

Sometimes it happens that a non-infected person obtains a positive result in a screening test. Such situation can result from pregnancy, acute viral infection, vaccination, autoimmune diseases, etc. A positive result of a screening test is not the final result - it must always be controlled with a confirmation test (so-called western blot) which should be performed immediately. Such tests are performed in a few specialist laboratories in Your Country.

CAUTION! The confirmation test should not be performed if the screening test has not been performed before.

A positive result of the confirmation test

It means that the examined person is infected with HIV.

In such a situation, the infected person must immediately visit a clinic that carries out ARV treatment. The registration process does not require referral. The list of Polish clinics that carry out ARV treatment can be found on the website www.aids.gov.pl.


  • A person with confirmed HIV infection is obliged to inform their sexual partner about this fact.
  • People infected with HIV should use a condom during any sexual contact.
  • In everyday social and professional contacts there is no risk of transferring HIV.
Be responsible - for yourself and for others...

Protect yourself and others from HIV. Remember - staying unaware of infection means putting at risk not only yourself, but also the life and health of your close ones. Don't wait, take an action - be responsible.

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